Picard - Unresponsive UI - can't select fields with mouse

I have been using Picard for years, and love it. Also for years, I’ve dealt with an UI problem, always hoping for the next version to fix it. That hasn’t happened yet so I wonder if I am the only one?

It’s about that I often can’t select fields, icons etc with my mouse, as the pointer on the screen is not where the program thinks it is. The problem seems to appear

  • after moving the application window on the screen
  • after re-sizing the window.
  • when there’s many items (albums, songs,folder, clusters, …) in either part of the window
  • after resizing columns

Am i the only one who’s troubled by this?


It’s not something I have ever experienced, but Picard may become unresponsive if you open too many files in it. What operating system are you using?

wow quick reply! thanks!

I am currently on W10, but have experienced this on various W versions over the year. It happens pretty much everytime i use Picard, I tried uninstalling / reinstalling and everything.

Too many files, hm. I am fairly certain it happens if I tag even only a few albums. What would you consider as too many? 100? Few hundreds?

I have heard of many issues over the years I have spent using Picard and helping in development, but this is actually totally new to me. It is known that the UI can become sluggish or unresponsive while saving large files, especially to slow storage. But from your description this happens even while not saving, right?

There is currently work underway to port Picard from Qt4, the UI toolkit Picard is using, to the much improved Qt5. I think there is some hope this could also fix your issues. I don’t know how advanced the port is or when we can expect a Picard 2.0 release, though, but AFAIK the goal was to not have years pass again until the next release :wink:

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Yes this happen while not saving, but as early as trying to move files from the folder structure on to the cluster field.
I wonder if this might have to do with screen resolution - I am using 30 inch screen with respective resolution. Might test this later week it’s an idea i just had (test on laptop, if it works, connect laptop to 30 inch screen).
But you do get me excited about Picard 2.0 now! yay!

Might well be. One of the major benefits of Qt5 will be support for hidpi displays.

I have regularly tagged several thousand files in Picard - the UI is slow but still usable.

I have produced an improvement to make the UI significantly more responsive. Unfortunately it was too late to make it into Picard 1.4 but it should hopefully be included in 1.4.1.