Picard track "Title" not changing/updating "New Value" track title

Picard downloaded track title - not showing as “New Value” track title

keeps “Original Value” track title

??? how do I get it to automatically use MusicBrain Value versus Original Value???
Picard 2.3.1 for mac

That should update. Maybe you accidentally add the Title to the “Preserve Tags” list?

Look in to OPTIONs \ TAGS

On this page you have a list of “Preserve these tags from being cleared of overwritten with MusicBrainz data:”

Make sure you haven’t accidentally go “Title” in there.


OH MY GOD THANK YOU!! :heart: :heart: This solved my problem right away! :relieved: :relieved:

I have no idea how that got in there but I will NOT make that mistake again. Thanks so much, my dude!! :beers:


Love it when an old answer pops up and helps someone else. So easy to accidentally click a menu.

Shares beer :beers:

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