Picard scatters tracks from single album and cluster into two releases

I’m trying to tag Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon here, but I’m having this issue with it.

This albums several dozens of releases registered in MB and it seems there are several versions with varying numbers of tracks (most of them have either 9 or 10 tracks, mine has 10).

I drag the whole album into MBP, cluster the tracks, then if I scan or if I lookup it will scatter the tracks across two different versions of the album and the tracklist becomes confused if I save like. This is because what is track 9 on the 9 tracks version is track 10 on mine. Trying a manual lookup is also a bit difficult because there are so many different releases from all different places and I don’t know which to choose. It would help if I could search using the barcode, that I happen to have to the release I have here, but it seems that is not possible.

The barcodes should be listed on the release group page. Can you do a text search for it there?

If you use lookup on the cluster instead of on individual files it will load only one release.

Scan will use the acoustic fingerprint, which can scatter the files across releases.


That’s exactly what I said I did?

Apparently, none of the releases there has the same barcode.

IDK, I think I’ll manually tag this album, MBP is just not working.

I meant you actually need to select the cluster, not the individual files in the clustee, then do the lookup. This will only ever load a single album (or none if no match is found).

Also if one of the loaded albums is the proper one you can drag the mismatched files from the other album over. You can also load a different version of the album via context menu Other Releases. Or you can manually load the proper version by using Lookup in Browser.

If your exact release is not yet in the database the most useful thing would be to add it.


I always select the cluster instead of the individual files, but just now I’m understanding what’s taking place here, sorry for not paying enough attention. The ‘lookup’ button doesn’t bring anything up, when I click on scan, it happens as you said, it splits it up in more than one album. And yes, my release is missing in the database, I’ll probably take a look into that tomorrow.
The problem will be knowing specifics about my release. I got this used CD from someone, it has a barcode on its cover, but that’s probably it. No idea when, where or the likes about how this got released.


I’m really surprised that it wouldn’t return anything for Dark Side of the Moon when you use lookup (assuming you have at least title, artist, and album tagged already). You might try adjusting your match % down in options.

But yeah, if there’s no good match, adding a new release is the way to go. I’d try a lookup on disc id, too, though.