Picard keeps locking up


OK Good to know, thanks. I have made a new ticket for the Wikidata UI here:


The next version of the wikidata.py plugin is out here:


If anyone wants to help test it out, just post back here with feedback. This version does some structural cleanup beyond the original version which was just mainly to get it working. This makes sure that all the data structures are cleaned up after each run, plus other stuff. Hopefully it will prove to be rock solid stable no matter how often its used or how long Picard runs. I had wanted to do this work in a separate ticket, but they wanted to get it into this same PR. Anyway, I am also testing & its working good so far. Once this is done, hopefully I can move on to the UI ticket.


I’m still using Picard 2.0.4, I haven’t ventured into the Dev version yet.

I didn’t clear the cache before I tested. I tried Soundtracks, compilations, and some music with non Latin characters. A portion of my test cases found nothing, and I verified that there were no genres associated with the wikidata entries.

I can find no problems.