Picard keeps locking up


Lately, Picard has been locking up on me. I can’t get the logs since the app has locked up so I can’t get into the Help screen.
Using Picard 1.4.2 and Xubuntu 16.04.3.


It seems to lockup on either the album art (which I’ve disabled) and on looking up other versions of an album. I’m also getting different results when scanning a cluster.


I was able to get the log in debug mode going before the freeze. I do a Cluster, then Scan, then right mouse click on the album in the right pane and then do a right click, Other versions, and choose one of the other albums.
The last entry in the log is (I can’t copy past it):
D: 08:25:12 WSREQ: Last request to (u'musicbrainz.org, 443) was 71679 ms ago, starting another one

And then it freezes up. I hit the close in the upper right and it says the window might be busy or not responding.


Wait a minute - I think I got it!
Turns out the wikidata-genre plugin was the culprit!
I disabled it, deleted it from .config, and now Picard is behaving.

The hunt for a genre plugin continues…