Picard is replacing larger cover art with 200px

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Picard always seems to download cover art that is 200x200px even when there is larger art in the file already.

I have it set to “Only use images of the following size: 500px” but it still downloads 200x200 images.

I’m running v2.0.0.dev

What am I doing wrong?


Do you have any cover art source other than Cover Art Archive enabled? What is the order of your activated cover art sources?


I’ve been fiddling with the order, I think I maybe have put Amazon above Cover Art Archive.

I have also switched back to 1.4.2 in case the beta was affecting it.

It’s working now and the downloaded are is always larger than the original. I’m not entirely sure what change fixed it but I’m happy it’s working.


If you have better images than us, then consider uploading them to share the love!
Especially if they’re reeeaally good/you had to work to find them :heart:


Sure, I’ll do that :+1: