Picard Doesn't use "Track Number" to match? Seldom matches using "AcoustIDs"


I’ve just started using #picard and ignoring the refresh hangs and the separate hang issues caused by the “Tango.info Adapter” (where do plugin issues get reported?), I have these major issues:

  • On “Lookup”, when matching files such as “01-AudioTrack 01.mp3” (name begins with the Track Number), also appears in metadata (Track Number and title “AudioTrack 01”) the track seems to be completely ignored and ONLY the duration of the track is used to match! Can it not use the track number? There only appear to be 2 scanning options and none for this… There also appears to be no regexp options for filename extraction?

  • I’ve tried using “AcoustIDs” to match, this almost never works, if I use VLC’s 'Fingerprint" option it almost always works. I assume they are using different ID mechanisms with VLC’s being much better.

At this stage it appears I’d be better off using VLC to do my tagging and in any case if I do use VLC to do it then Picard generally works well.