Picard does not find a box set

Hi all,
first: Thanks to all who are working on this extraordinary piece of software.
However, now I am wondering that a 3-CD-Box-set is not found (Nothing Has Changed. - The Very Best Of David Bowie [Box-Set]).
It is strange for me, because it does have a MBID ( 44a648f3-de51-4853-8d0d-3f81ff1a07b2) and is found on the Website Release “Nothing has changed.” by David Bowie - Details - MusicBrainz

Any chance, how I can find trigger this information within Picard instead of entering all information (3 CDs, 59 titles) manually?

If I understand you correctly, you can enter the MBID of the release in the search box. Something like:


Also, if you look up the release on the MusicBrainz site when Picard is running there should be a green “Tagger” link displayed. Clicking this should load the release into Picard for you automatically.

The different methods available for retrieving album information into Picard can be found in the Retrieving Album Information section of the Picard User Guide.


Hi rdswift,
thank you for your answer.

It is even more strange as I described:
I only get the MBID if I do a “normal” web-search for the ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00NES1D6A - then I get the result from MusicBrainz with the link of my first post, which obviously you were using also .
However, if I enter this on the MB search site, nothing is found.

Also, on the MB-page I do NOT get the green Tagger, no matter, if I start Picard first or after opening the page.

I can enter in Picard the MBID as you described, and it is found. After that, I have to manually “Analyse” my files, and it works!

So, after all strange things, you did help me a lot! Thanks! :+1: :+1:

The Green Tagger Button needs “browser integration” enabled.


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also for you, thanks a lot. It was enabled already, I had to disable and re-enable it, now its there.
Makes tagging-life much easier! :smiley:
Greetings, and thanks again. :+1: