Picard Defaults to Odd Albums

I’m trying to go through and fix a moderately sized music collection (about 4000 songs) and when I have Picard look up all my music it finds the songs (mostly) as I would expect it to but it’s defaulting to tagging files as from compilation albums instead of the actual album.
Example, I have All that Remains’ For We Are Many album but the program wants to tag one song as from THIS compilation and one from THIS collection and another from THAT single and so on. I don’t want to have to manually change the exact album for all my music (and it’s certainly doing this with a LOT of my songs). Is there a way to change what kind of album it defaults to? It’s also probably worth noting that I currently have the albums tagged as being from the correct album, but it still tries to force the tags to change to being from a compilation.

Are you clustering the files before you try to match them? That will help.

Also, look in options for the settings that allow you to prioritize which type of release you want.

All I’m doing is clicking Add Folder, then hitting Lookup, should I be doing something different?
I did try messing with those sliders and nothing seemed to change.

Yes, use cluster before lookup. I think that will take care of the worst of the problem, at least when, as you say, the album info is already available.

Alright thanks, that is certainly helping. Could be a bit smoother/better optimized I feel but not bad, certainly better than fixing these tags myself lol