Picard close suddenly in some mp3 file

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this mp3 file make my picard close suddenly,

what’s wrong?

I can’t reproduce any crashes with this file. But this could as well be caused by some plugin. A few questions and ideas:

  1. Make sure you have updated all plugins to their latest version. There have been fixes for many plugins to various crash causes over the last months
  2. Try disabling all plugins and see if the crash still occurs
  3. If the crash does not occur with all plugins disabled, try enabling them again one by one
  4. Also make sure to use the latest Picard 2.1.2

If the above does not solve this we’ll need some more information:

  1. What version of Picard are you using?
  2. On what operating system?
  3. What plugins do you have enabled?
  4. At what point exactly does the crash happen (when you add the file, on saving, on scan?)
  5. A debug log of the crash would help

The best way to get some log output in case of crashes is opening a Windows Command Prompt and starting Picard from there with:

"C:\Program Files\MusicBrainz Picard\picard.exe" -d

This will print debugging output directly to the command prompt window with hopefully helpful information. Make Picard crash and post the complete output here.

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yeah, thx for your help,

im disable some plugin and picard run smooth than before