Picard 2.5 Beta

We have a beta release for the upcoming Picard 2.5 release available:

One highlight of this is that Picard now supports using file tags and variables in tagging scripts. Please give this a try and report any issues you find with this pre-release.


Is there a link that explains a bit what this new functionality can do and how it works?

So far scripting was limited to using tags that are set for the track. In tagger scripts you could neither use file specific variables, such as %_bitrate%, %_channels%, %_extension% or %_filename% nor could you use tags that are only present in your file.

This is now changed and you can use both of those. E.g. you could add “surround” to your track titles if there are 4 channels or more:

$if($gte(%_channels,4),$set(title,%title% \(surround\)))

Or a real use case from me: I have a couple of files where the disc ID is stored in a tag different from what Picard uses. In those files there is a tag MusicBrainz DiscID. So far I could only fix it by manually cleaning the tags. With the new functionality I can automate those tags getting written with the proper name while preserving the value:

$set(musicbrainz_discid,$if2(%musicbrainz_discid%,$get(MusicBrainz DiscID)))
$delete(MusicBrainz DiscID)

The difference to version 2.4 is that $get(MusicBrainz DiscID) now actually works and returns the value of this tag as it is in my current file. Before that this tag would not exist, as it is only in the file but not in the data loaded for the track.

I think for someone new to Picard there is no special functionality here. It just works as expected, which it didn’t necessarily do before.

The new documentation will mention it in the description of file variables.


Thnx for explaining!
I am by now pretty much settled in the way I use Picard, plugins, scripts, and am extremely satisfied with it.
Maybe I’ll give it some thought in the near future to see if this improved functionality can make it even better for me.

For now; I’ve been testing 2.5b with a variety of releases, plugins and scripts, and it has been smooth sailing all the way.

Thank you, and thanks to the team!