Papal Style

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Pope John Paul II had several books written under his secular name Karol Wojtyła, although they’re mostly sold under “Pope John Paul II” or “Pope Saint John Paul II” now. What would the proper artist name for him be and how should these alternate titles be handled? Should the main name be the full Latin “Sanctus Ioannes Paulus II” or the more internationally famous “Pope John Paul II” or his native Polish “Papież Jan Paweł II”?


I’d go with the most popular (or most used) name, here “Pope John Paul II”. If in doubt, I take the one used in Wikipedia.

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Hi! In the future these “what name to use for an author” issues will be solved by “author credits” (both the upcoming @leftmost_cat credit work and as-yet-to-be-done “relationship” credits) much in the same vein that MusicBrainz has it.

For now I’d advise just going with indy’s suggestion. Make sure to also add an annotation/revision-note about which name is actually printed there, so that we can change it once we can ~ 😺