P!nk - Fingers, 30s silence question

With regard to this P!nk track on the I’m Not Dead album.
There are 2 versions
1 with 30 secs of silence at the end - 4:11 - USLF20600043
1 without silence - 3:41 - USLF20600036

Now I understand that the guidelines state that they should be merged into one recording. But what about the album itself.

Should each version of the album be its own addition?

I own this release. There are 2 discIDs attached to disc 1. One of each version.
I own the one with the silence.



Yes, if a release has different mastering (which this would be, because of the added silence) than it should be a separate release. Create 2 releases and move the discIDs to the correct releases to reflect the time differences. You can add a note to the annotation explaining the difference between the two. You might want to double check things on your release like barcode, labels, etc, but I suppose it’s possible to be identical with just a different disc but that would be unusual. You are correct though that they are the same recording if it’s only silence.


I created a seperate release and moved the DiscID. But before I could finish adding cover art and the annotation, somebody has already tried to merge them back again. I have voted no and put a comment. So hopefully they cancel the merge before it completes.

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