Overwriting when moving?

Is there any way to make Picard overwrite existing files when moving and renaming? I do not want to have to use Agent Ransack to search for (?). to find the 800+ duplicate files then go in folder by folder to delete the lower quality duplicates then use J. M. Falcao’s renamer to remove the number and parenthesis.

I already know the new files are either ripped at better quality or the old ones are ripped at 320. Either way it would be far more convenient to just overwrite the old ones.

Picard can not overwrite existing files as its made to update the metadata

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An option to append (1), (2) etc to the file copies in order of bit rate would be nice. If copying a new file with higher bit rate than the same track in a folder, rename the existing, lower quality file instead of the new one.

Or instead of moving, an option to sort and rename by bit rate all the files already in folders. Then I could feed Picard everything, hit sort and rename, then when it’s done use Agent Ransack to search for asterisk(?).asterisk to find all the lower quality copies for deletion.

If you get Picard to put the files into a separate set of folders, you can then do a manual drag and drop into your main collection and choose to overwrite at that stage.

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