"overarching rule is that track credits match the album notes"?


It has been stated by an experienced editor that,
“overarching rule is that track credits match the album notes”.

Wanting to check that if a non-classical Release has the song writer / lyricist only (no performer listed) then they will be the track artist/s?

And if the tracklist uses the geographical location of a group found in a social context in which geography is used to identify groups then that geographical location would become the trackartist?


Depends. If they’re listed in a way that makes it look like an actual track artist, yes. If it’s just one of those albums of bad covers of pop hits, and it just has, say, a cover of some Beatles song by an unnamed artist with the songwriters credited under the song, I’d probably still use [unknown] with the songwriters linked through the work.

If you mean something like, I dunno, “Traditional Estonian”, I’d use “[traditional]” with possible the credit “Traditional Estonian”. I’ve rarely seen these kinds of things for non-folk, but if you give an example I can think about what I’d do - it’d likely be [unknown] with a credit though.


Release with a famous performer, composers and lyricists, and a Texan who was probably born about the time this album was released, currently as trackartists.

I was in error about the basis for the trackartist name on the cover art. Instead:
Release with coverart listing trackartists as “musical style” which is consistent with an orchestra being closely associated with a particular style.

“[unknown] with a credit though” does sound good.
Though the cover art designer is telling us a lot about the identity of the orchestra by giving their geographical location.
A bit like, “Philharmonic Orchestra, New York, NY USA” or “House band at Joe’s Dinner, Tallahasee”.


The Music for Millions seems to fit reosarevok’s “bad covers of pop hits by unnamed artists” category.


I have only a report of it being a jazzy sax, big band feel, instrumental album.
It might actually sound ok.
But yes on another level it seems to be a portal through which chthonic forces attempt to wreak havoc on orderly reality. A particularly bad Release.