Out of Line Modbots

A couple of times I have gotten curious and inappropriate and seemingly chiding notes from modbots. I don’t recall what they were, with the exception of this most recent time.

I had entered an ethnic album on the label Lyrichord about a week ago. Yesterday, a modbot told me that the label my release is on no longer exists. SO? What am I supposed to do about that?

Probably add it again if it was somehow erased from the db, I guess.
Did you check specifically if it was erased from db?

[edit] I have check already and this label entry is used relatively widely.

It’s a bit weird that a label would be removed if it is being used on a pending edit. But maybe it was merged?

I meant specific label entry. Merging is quite an option.

Yes, there was a merge involved. There were 2 releases, identical in eveyr way I could tell, except that one of them had the complete information showing both of the 2 artists that perform together on the album; while the other release had only sketchy info shown and credited only one for the 2 artists who work together on the album, so I merged them.

Is that a no-no?

ok, i just checked and everything appears to be fine…?

It is this album:

The one I merged into this release even had the wrong subtitle (the part after the : but showed the same cover image and i saw that amazon also shows this incorrect subtitle, so there was clearly a mistake).