Organizing in the Public Interest: MusicBrainz

Just sharing it, as I enjoyed the read: This blog post of the Electronic Frontier Foundation is an interesting read on what MusicBrainz is, where it comes from and how it operates. I think it’s worth to read, whether your are familiar with MB’s history or not.

This is part of a blog series about what they call the Public Interest Internet, about how big tech broke the internet as it originally was, but how there are still thriving community driven projects. See Introducing the Public Interest Internet | Electronic Frontier Foundation


I am a FOSS (Fedora Linux, KDE, Android and EFF’s own cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Privacy Badger) user and enthusiastic contributor to MusicBrainz and Wikipedia. Thanks, too, to the W3C for making this possible. This is what the internet is really about.