Organisation and file naming question

I am new to MusicBrainz Picard, and would like to know how to have the original year for a track in the file name, instead of the date of the album the track is from.

For example, currently, I get: Abba - 1992-09-21 - Gold_Greatest Hits - Abba - Voulez Vous.mp3

Ideally, I would like my files to be organised as follows:
Abba - 1979 - Gold_Greatest Hits - Abba - Voulez Vous.mp3

Thank you in advance.

I’ve wanted this forever as well, but unfortunately I don’t believe it’s possible with the current schema. There are ways to do the original date on a release for a release group, but not each individual track. I hope I’m wrong, because I’d love that as well.

Many thanks for the reply. Such a shame it is not possible.

There was a plugin to achieve this, but unfortunately it does not work anymore:

As I would like to use this myself, I plan to rewrite the plugin for Picard 2.x. Currently this has low priority for me, so it might take some time before I’m going to work on it.