Options for the rest of my songs

for the last few weeks ive been processing all my full albums that picard can see and now i just want to find what my options are for the rest of my collection.

what are my options for:

  1. full albums that not found in musicbrainz.
  2. separate songs not in musicbrainz or not in an album
  3. all the rest of misc audio stuff

thank you

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If it is not found in the database please add it, the database is edited by users so if there is something missing feel free to add it to the database.

You can add a standalone recordings to the database by going to editing > add standalone recording or by going to the artist page and click add recording from the side.
Tagging standalone recordings is a little more difficult, install and use the “load as non album track” plugin. With this plugin loaded you can drag and drop the url for the recording in to picard to get it to load the information for you to tag. I have added an hour long dj mix as a non album track but you could also add this as a release if it makes more sense.

Feel free to add misc audio stuff as well. I occasionally buy audio books and add this information to the database so don’t think you need to be limited to music.


thank you for your reply,
im very reluctant to pollute the database, I may try and add an album and see how it works.

i may look into that non album track plugin as well

thank you

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