Option to whitelist tags that Picard can write?

First post here, but very long time user of digital music with carefully curated tags throughout my music collection. I’d like to embed MBIDs in my files so that I can push my collection through AcousticBrainz, but in doing so I don’t want any additional metadata changed / written to my files.

Is there a way to configure Picard to only write MBID’s?

You know the “Preserve Tags” list of Picard?

Unfortunately you have to mark all possible tags by hand.

Enter list in Picard's Options (see post of tdiaz below)

Or maybe you can add them directly in you config file “Picard.ini”.

See also How would I use Picard to only update Genre tag?

acoustid_id, albumartist, albumartistsort, album, albumsort, arranger, artist, artists, artistsort, asin, barcode, bpm, catalognumber, comment:, compilation, composer, composersort, conductor, copyright, date, discid, discnumber, discsubtitle, djmixer, encodedby, encodersettings, engineer, genre, grouping, isrc, key, label, language, ~length, license, lyricist, lyrics, media, mixer, mood, movement, movementnumber, movementtotal, musicbrainz_albumartistid, musicbrainz_albumid, musicbrainz_artistid, musicbrainz_discid, musicbrainz_originalalbumid, musicbrainz_originalartistid, musicbrainz_recordingid, musicbrainz_releasegroupid, musicbrainz_trackid, musicbrainz_workid, musicip_fingerprint, originalalbum, originalartist, originaldate, originalyear, musicip_puid, performer:, producer, r128_album_gain, r128_track_gain, ~rating, releasecountry, releasestatus, releasetype, remixer, replaygain_album_gain, replaygain_album_peak, replaygain_album_range, replaygain_reference_loudness, replaygain_track_gain, replaygain_track_peak, replaygain_track_range, script, showmovement, subtitle, title, titlesort, totaldiscs, totaltracks, tracknumber, website, work, writer

There’s a list that can be pasted into the tags dialog.

Remove what you want first :wink:

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Pretty comprehensive list (which also includes tag fields added by various plugins) but you forgot to add originaldate and originalyear :wink:

I believe these two are also missing from your list:

Proof reader asks - @tdiaz - is that list still okay? or has the forum prettified it?

Just wondering why some are bold (work, movement, language, grouping, etc) and why length and rating have a ~ added to them.

The coloring and emboldening come from the markup. It still copies as plaintext. The ~length and ~rating are how picard refers to them.

I got the originalxxxx ones ‘confused’ with some of my own data and removed them, otherwise that list is purely derived from core Picard code. No plugin influence.

I’ve fixed the post to add in the originalxxx tags within the string.

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Thanks for the replies, looking at Picard documentation I see the tag names are also case sensitive, so if my tagnames happen to have a different case they’ll still be overwritten. Whilst I appreciate the workaround I think users would be better served by being able to provide Picard with a whitelist of tags it is allowed to modify/add. In this use case the whitelist would only contain: acoustid_id

You are correct, and that can indeed be somewhat annoying, and it has been raised before by other users. I am guessing it is a complicated matter to solve.

But if I recall correctly, for as far as it pertains to ‘preserve tags to be written’, it will be fixed for Picard 2.3.0