Option to hide non-existing lookup results

I might be in the minority here with this issue but it’s annoying non the less: when I let Picard scan and look up my tracks I end up with a ton of 1/x album results.
That might not be so much of an issue for small albums but worst cases I’ve had were 5 disc ones where I had to expand the album only to then scroll down 2-3 screens to get to that 1! track that I got of it and verify the changes ._.

So could there please be an option added that hides the other tracks of an album if they’re not present to begin with?
Bonus would be to skip the whole “album” level in the list completely if it’s just a 1/x result anyways.

Edit: while at it, a seperate option to hide lookup / scan results with no changes would also be nice, I got over 11k mp3’s to go through, that’s gonna pile up : /

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