Option Request - Use different character for Windows Compatibility

I get that windows compatibility has to be checked on a windows machine:

  • Replace Windows-incompatible characters: Check to replace Windows-incompatible characters with an underscore. Enabled by default on Windows with no option to disable.

But it would be nice to select the character to use. I would use an extra space " " instead of underscore.

Until this might become an option, is there something I can do in advanced scripting to replace the β€œ" with a " " when the file name is written? Since this is hard-coded into the system, I cannot (so far) find a way to look for and replace "”.

There’s already an (old) ticket for this, including a workaround: https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/PICARD-356. The workaround is to wrap the complete file naming script in a call to rreplace:

$rreplace(<your-previous-file-naming-script>,["*:<>?|_\\/], )