Opening tabs in Weblate

Another quite annoying thing I’ve noticed it’s not really possible to open new tabs with CTRL+Click everywhere. Weblate seems to force it in the current tab (and triggers the popup blocker) on some pages like or in the string status table


Usually (at least on Vivaldi), middle-click will bypass any JavaScript trying to forbid you this or that.

I tried that, it worked.
It also works to open in tab on mobile Kiwi Browser.

But I agree it’s bad that a site is trying to prevent you browsing as you wish.

Maybe the site is not stateless and server contains context and you’re not supposed to be on several pages at the same time and any changes will then need buggy.
So they try to prevent us from opening several pages in other tabs.

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But this would be insane. I multi-task to a huge insane amount. I have 50+ pages open as that is how my mind works. If a website attempts to stop that then it worries me what else they are trying to break.

That whole thread on Weblate made me very wary and not keen to return to editing my language packs (Brit, Aus and Can English). If Weblate can’t take on board how other people work it is very worrying. That whole debacle of expecting us to post our personal details out shows a very differnt viewpoint which does not seem to take on board that people are different and we all work in our own ways.

It would be really better if you guys just try the tool instead of coming up with conspiracy theories about the developers trying to control how you use your browser.

You can without issue have it open in multiple tabs, nothing bad will happen. It’s also pretty flexible. If you want you can also download the translation files and work locally with poedit or such.


Yes I’m not pessimistic at all, it would be extremely difficult to be worse than Transifex.

When I’ll try Weblate, I will certainly have to use middle-click intensively, so I’ll soon see that it has no concurrent tab problems.
Maybe they just love JavaScript navigation too much, if there is no (other) reasons to restrain new tabs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know about middle click, it works fine. But that’s besides the point. Sometimes it’s not possible to use or can’t for other reasons.

For example there are mouses with just one button and UX concepts where modifier keys are used for alternative actions.


For what little it’s worth, I often open links in Weblate in a new tab using right-click to open the context menu and then select “Open in new tab”.