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Can I use MusicBrainz to capture and update only embedded Cover Art? I do not wish to change or add any other tags to my mp3 collection. I have several tunes without Cover Art and a few of which I know that the embedded Cover Art is incorrect. What settings should be set in order to accomplish this?


Picard is not really meant to write only a single tag, but if cover art is really the only tag you want to write you can do the following

  1. If you are Ok with Picard writing a tag if it does not exist yet, but you don’t want to overwrite it, then you can add that tag to the preserved tags in Options > Tags

  2. If you absolutely do not want a tag to be written at all, add a script $unset(tagname) in Options > Scripting

I’d recommend the first approach for tags like artist, album, title and tracknumber, as those are used in the UI and inserting them makes Picard hard to use. Also your existing files likely already have those tags, and if not they probably should have them.

You’ll need to list all tags you don’t want Picard to write.

And I still would recommend you let Picard write the MusicBrainz IDs to the tags, at least the recording and album ID. That way you can e.g. easily update the artwork again later without needing to match the files again.

Please also search the forums here, there are a could of threads about configuring Picard to only write a few tags.


OK, so I am still studying on how I wish Picard to work for me. So I have looked for the two ID Tags you suggest I allow Picard to write. I have found ‘Musicbrainz Recording Id’, but I do not see any ‘album ID’. What is the exact title of this particular ID?

I think you are looking for the musicbrainz_albumid tag. See the User Guide for more information.

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I am looking for the tag mentioned by user outsidecontext in their original reply. I also do not see any tag called ‘musicbrainz_albumid’ in the resulting bottom window of Picard after the initial scan. Since outsidecontext recommended I retain these two tags, I would like to be able to find them in my resulting run. Currently the only ‘MusicBrainz’ tags being listed there are the following:

MusicBrainz Artist Id
MusicBrainz Recording Id
MusicBrainz Release Artist Id
MusicBrainz Release Grouop Id
MusicBrainz Release Id
MusicBrainz Track Id

The musicbrainz_albumid tag is the MusicBrainz Release ID.

Thanx… I appreciate your assistance!