One person, multiple entries - where to add links?

this guy

is a dj and has multiple names/entires.

Some of his links apply to the individual names (such as discogs). While others (such as wikipedia) apply to all of the names.

So, then the question becomes…
Where do we put all of the links?

My guess would be things like Discogs, which credit individual artists, go on the individual artist entry? But would we also include them his real name entry?
And then where do we put things like Wikipedia which apply to all of the entries?

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This question ties into the ideal of having only one entity linked to a Wikipedia page. (I think.)

It is not ideal or artistic and seems very authoritarian, but that’s what cataloging does to one:

  1. If possible use the legal name MB entity:
  2. If no known legal name then link to the MB entity with the same name as the WP page.

In this case I indeed link Discogs to appropriate artist and wikidata to all appropriate artists.

Vice versa.

If these artists get merged, only one wikidata and all Discogs will remain linked to one artist.

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