One Disc ID shared between two releases

I’m adding Beginners Guide to Folk Music - NSBOX_002 as a separate release in the release group of the later-published version Beginner’s Guide to Folk Music - NSBOX_039

The two editions are mostly the same, but a couple of different tracks selected on discs two and three. What this means is that disc1 has the same CD TOC across both releases, and I’m not sure what to do about it. Should the CD TOC be moved to the earlier release? There doesn’t seem to be a way to add it to both that I can see.

The TOC for the first CD should be added to both. If you have the CD you can add the TOC to MB by e.g. using Picard. Use the “Lookup in browser” button in the disc lookup dialog.


That just finds the existing release. In this case Beginner’s Guide to Folk Music - NSBOX_039, or offers to add a new release. Should I add a new release with the DiscID and then merge it with Beginners Guide to Folk Music - NSBOX_002?

You can search for the release and attach the TOC to the existing release:

Then on the next screen you will see the search result and can attach the disc ID to existing releases. If it is not found, refine your search:

I have attached the disc ID to disc 1 in this case already using the process above.


If release MBID is known and ready, then it would be nice to skip search and just paste it as elsewhere: [MBS-7473] Adding a new discid: Allow to specify the target by its releaseid. Until thenever, chaban has a hack: Submitting CD TOC for common album name.