On some files no AcoustId is generated


Some of my files dont receiva an acousti-id after scan. why could that be? i.e. a mp3 that is on the disk and plays in vlc, permissions are ok too.


Do you have that configured? do you have fpcalc?
have you registered in https://acoustid.org/ and got a key?


yes, it works for most files


How long are the tracks? Very short songs wont generate an ID.


I got one here with 2m31s (6.1MB, mp3,192kbps,44,1khz,id3v2.3)

when i apply fpcalc manually it creates a fingerprint, no error ther. but it does not get a acoustid by using scan in picard.


Try again with the same file and see if it does get an AcoustId now :wink:

Picard uses AcoustId to identify files. If for a given fingerprint there is no AcoustId yet, nothing is returned. The AcoustId server will process that fingerprint and will assign an AcoustId to it, but that does take a while and is not included in the response Picard gets. If you try again a short time and fingerprint that file again an AcoustId should be returned.