Odd error: Two artists with very similar names BOTH showing same release, how to fix?

Album release is called COYOTE.
It is showing (correctly) under artist DOUGLAS Wayne (Wayne as surname), (MBID: a8c1b705-515c-4613-96a0-38867f366717) , a Nashville, TN (U.S.) Americana artist.

The album is also showing up under this incorrect artist, Wayne DOUGLAS (note the two names are REVERSED).

Wayne Douglas is Canadian and a bluegrass performer. Even though the album looks correct under Douglas Wayne, it still shows up on the “Overview” tab for Wayne Douglas. The release group also shows correct Douglas Wayne rather than incorrect Wayne Douglas.

Any idea how we make COYOTE leave the Wayne Douglas “Overview” tab?

EDIT: Never mind. Just noticed that Douglas Wayne incorrectly had sort name as “Douglas Wayne” instead of “Wayne, Douglas”. Guessing that’s the cause of the issue. Made the edit. If that doesn’t resolve, I’ll ask again.

If anyone wants to be so kind, please vote “Yes” on the edit:


You have to change the release group artist from Wayne Douglas to Douglas Wayne. Changing the sort name will not resolve it.

RG page Coyote / Edit tab / copy-paste MBID or URL into the artist field (safest method).