Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting on 2016-05-30

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2016-05-30

Meeting start:


  • Reviews
  • Pythonic block of SOLR
  • Affiliate tagger program
  • Summit 16
  • “DR”: MBS-5168






  • published some more supporters:
  • reviewed some gsoc work
  • and pull requests for MBS and LB
  • updated sentry and fixed some stuff with @zas’ help
  • started looking into ways to set up direct access to MB database from CB
  • slept a lot









Pythonic block of SOLR

Affiliate tagger program

There have previously been some discussion about the status of the tagger affiliate program. @Rob decreed that it still earns MetaBrainz some income and that it will get phased out if the taggers currently in it die out, rather than moving them over to the tier-based donation system.

Picard will not get enrolled in the program, but should rather get more emphasis on's front page directly.

Summit 16

We have dates and a place for MusicBrainz Summit 16 picked out: September 22nd to 24th in Barcelona, in MetaBrainz’ office there.

Add yourself to the table of attendees if you’re planning on attending!

“DR”: MBS-5168

A ticket about implenting JSON-LD in the web service. Should it be closed now that we have JSON-LD directly in pages? @Rob and @bitmap pinged a bit back and forth, but ultimately decided to leave it open.


For information, DR means decision required. :slight_smile: