Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting on 2016-05-09

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2016-05-09

Meeting start:


  • Reviews
  • Schema change
  • WS rate limiting






  • been sick, so not very productive
  • still fighting to get the electrical service hooked-up
  • keep at the list of potential supporters
  • “I want to thank everyone for pointing me to leads. :)”
  • “I think it is really worthwhile getting the other Open Source, non-profits, academics signed up too.”
  • “One note. My suggestion regarding making a more direct link to the sign-up/donation page. This suggestion comes from others in our community!”



  • finished implementation of OAuth on
  • started integrating it with our fancy office door opener microservice
  • fixed broken mbspotify deployment and related issues in CB
  • also added a couple of new customers on because @Rob was at some fun conference
  • fixed MBS-8288 and MBS-8804, reviewed some code
  • met with @hellska and @alastairp to decide on details of gsoc project


  • most of the week on two things
  1. upgrade all servers due to serious security updates (ssl and nodejs), had to reboot all
  2. find a better way to rate limit our ws traffic
  • plus: usual supervision, minor fixes, minor changes to graphana, upgraded influxdb, etc…



  • coordinated with the AcousticBrainz GSoC students.





Schema change

Discussion about the status of the various tickets. A few tickets still remain that are currently assigned to @LeftmostCat and @chirlu, but @Bitmap reckons that it isn’t unsurmountable, as long as patches/pull requests get merged before/on Friday the 13th.

WS rate limiting

@Zas talked about his tests with the new rate limiting and discussed some of his findings/results related to this.