Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting on 2016-05-02

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2016-05-02

Meeting start:


  • Reviews
  • SSO
  • New Search Servers?
  • AE elections




  • made some changes to MBS so asterix doesn’t explode when someone requests an audiobook
  • investigated some issues with the CAA and missing index.json files. @reosarevok pinged the IA about connection timeouts there, not sure what the status is
  • @reosarevok: Reported deeper into the IA, no more news yet, is the status
  • finally fixed the last reported issue with the new AC editor on the beta server
  • submitted both schema change PRs assigned to me, just the SQL parts
  • the UI might be delayed a couple weeks since I had to work on other stuff





  • extracted common functionality from our Python apps into a separate package:
  • implemented oauth for meb
  • and done a bunch of other improvements there
  • started writing that webapp for the office without electricity
  • fixed mbspotify, which was broken for some reason
  • ported memcached wrapper to python 3




  • finished college work
  • agenda for coming week:
  1. Complete the PR stuff, its been a while i worked on them. They have been open for a while now.
  2. Discuss the project idea with @Rob, and plan things before coding period starts



  • discussed project with @gentlecat and received some good advices on how to improve te proposal
  • started to look into the jira system and identified somo issues that are related to datasets in AcousticBrainz
  • working with the AcousticBrainz server and started creating my development environment



  • finished off with my exams last week
  • this week i plan to get AB-63 merged, after which we will have a nice page on acousticbrainz which will show a list of all public datasets
  • also finalize everything about the project with @alastairp





New search servers

As @weeksio dropped out of this year GSoC, @Zas wanted to know what our plan was regarding the new servers.

@Rob stated that he “might just need to bit the bullet and take on this project myself.” @Bitmap stated that once MBS-8736 had been submitted, he’d have more capacity to help out with search server issues as well. @Rob affirmed that the new SOLR search server needs to be up for our move to NewHost.

Autoeditor elections

@reosarevok and @Freso talked a bit over the weekend about the current state of affairs with regards to autoeditor elections and came up with a temporary workflow until it can get automated again.

This was approved by the meeting and is explained in more details in this blog post: