Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting on 2016-04-25

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2016-04-25

Meeting start:


  • Reviews
  • Music Reports





  • Finished working on MBS-3887.
  • Started converting CritiqueBrainz to Python version 3. Found some problems with caching and spent all night fixing them. I think that’s almost done. I just need to do some more testing and deploy it.




  • finished most of the edit classes for the alt-release schema change, only one remaining is the edit-tracklist one
  • finished the UI for actually selecting these from the release page
  • will finish the remaining edit class stuff and start the web service stuff this week
  • did some code review finally, too



  • finished nginx cleanups
  • worked with @Rob to get the S3 backup (discourse) works as it should
  • usual maintainance, supervision, and upgrades
  • added nagios checks for ssl certs validity
  • worked a bit on Picard, to finally discover it is a pure mess as usual


  • made my first ever patch on the MB server backend code, adding a paremter to the /userinfo endpoint to return user id
  • made some schema changes to BookBrainz to accomodate this information, which should allow us to link BB users to MB users
  • BB users will be able to keep their BB usernames - they’re stored separately from MB usernames
  • worked on some UI designs with @LeftmostCat - we had a very productive meeting talking about that, and also worked out how to proceed with the new WS
  • BookBrainz has got a much cleaner editing interface coming along




  • been bogged down with coursework, getting it done around thursday so will get back looking through the code and getting involved around then
  • not much to report this week really, looking forward to getting stuck in though :slight_smile:


  • nothing to report as of now, was busy with exams and assignments.

Music Reports

@chrisskye asked about who it was that put a lead in that Music Reports was using MusicBrainz data. With some chat log searching, it was revealed that is was @Rob. A bit of chatter about Music Reports and speculating about their sources.