Notes from #MetaBrainz meeting 2018-03-05

#MetaBrainz Meeting 2018-03-05

Meeting start:



















Release “variants”

A fair amount of discussion ensued; comparing “variants” to alternative tracklists, some questions about current practices, some discussion about when a new entry would be a Release vs. a “Variant” of another Release.

Ultimately, too many unanswered questions and concerns, so @zas agreed to try and make a more “formal”/in-depth specification of it or similar and post that on the forums in its own topic for further discussion before bringing it back up at the meeting.

Summit date

@Freso said that the summit would most likely be in Barcelona again sometime in late Summer or early Autumn, but that it would probably make more sense to discuss this with @Rob present (@Rob had to leave the meeting due to travel during Reviews), so it was ultimately decided to decide nothing for now and bring it up again at the next meeting.


Get well wishes to Freso.
(Don’t want you beating my record for that damn fluey thing coming back.)

And the rest of it looks good.

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