Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-08-14

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-08-14

Meeting start:
















UX design opening discussion

Introducing @chhavi, a bachelor student of design, who’s recently been poking at some mockups for improving the UI/UX of MusicBrainz. One of the mockups she’s made so far:

Some discussion about how to decide on a final new UI/UX for MusicBrainz and the workflow for going forward with it.

It was proposed that we should have a session during the upcoming summit (which @chhavi will attend) where we could hopefully agree on how to approach this.

Another proposal was to have a half hour meeting once a week to discuss whatever pages are currently being reviewed.

@chhavi asked about how to collect feedback about the mockups, and @Quesito said she’s make a [Google docs] folder where feedback documents could be kept.

@samj1912 contributed this nugget of wisdom:

@Freso suggested that @zas might be able to help with some statistics about which pages on are accessed the most.


UX Design Discussion additional notes and links:

UX Design Meetings will be held at 18H CEST on the IRC channel.

The Google Drive Folder for UX:

The notes/comments page for the Artist Mock-up page:

Comments and questions can be addressed to myself or @chhavi