Note of absence

Hey everybody,

I have been so active on MB lately that I feel I can’t just leave my sudden inactivity unexplained.
I have a lot of projects going on atm and I just can’t make MB a priority, so you won’t hear much of me for a while.
I won’t be active on the forum and I’ll only add a new release every now and then when I want to tag it with Picard.

If there is anything important you want to talk to me about please contact me via the forum and not the “send email” function on my profile.
I enabled the following function in the forum settings so I’ll get mails if you mention me.

Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic

I’ll be back,


You’ve put in more work as an AE in three months than many of them have done in years. So I think you’ll allowed some time off :wink:


You don’t need to explain yourself. Everyone has a life and things they also have to do. Don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your patience and your excellent editing.


I’m back. This topic can be closed.

If anybody is interested in one of the things I did while I was away: I indulged in my hatred against surveillance capitalism and wrote an article about how to avoid it.

Through my research I found out about funkwhale which is now my favorite music streaming service. It is part of the fediverse. Any other funkwhale users here?


You are trying to avoid (:japanese_ogre:) Netflix?
And you never use a product from M$ or Apple or Google?
Sorry, I can’t take this seriously.

And BTW: Who is “we” in “we are trying” following “…my personal list of tools to avoid”?

It’s not difficult for Netflix, unless you really want to waste all your time in TV series. ;-p
Maybe I’m wrong but it’s easy to not even try it as it just looks like a container of shitty USA content seeing from my point of view.
And Paula did not say she did not use, she say she try to limit and she is completely right doing so, IMO.
I agree it’s hard to avoid but it’s big thumbs up to at least try to limit to minimum.


Funny note: My last binged series is Lucifer :innocent::joy::yum:

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Well as you can see I am using this forum which is hosted on the Google cloud, so no, I’m not 100% there yet.


I’d imagine it’s anyone who is interested in “How to Live Without Google and Other Evil Tech Giants” :slight_smile: I mean, if I was writing a guide I don’t think it’d be weird to say “here we’re trying to achieve X”, with “we” being “us, the readership” :wink:

@paulakreuzer: while I’m certainly not dedicated enough to avoid the big groups as much as you do, that’s a pretty nice list and I’m sure I’ll find some new interesting things in it, thanks! (also, welcome back).


Would be nice to hear what your unicorn sponsors Google and Microsoft and Amazon thinks about such contradictions.
Money has no smell?
("Google has been an extremely supportive sponsor. They’ve donated over $320,000.)

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Closing this topic at your request.

If anybody would like me to break out the fediverse/privacy/donor stuff into its own topic, I’d be happy to. PM me.