Noobie question about adding cover pic

I’ve been using Audacity and MusicBrainz to recover a bunch of old cassette tapes. Many were limited releases by local blues bands in the 80s. (1o0 copies typical). I can fill in the metadata fields and that works great, however I need help on including the cover pics. I have to scan the covers to get a .jpg image. Do I have to size it to a specific size or does the program do that. How do I include the cover pic into the metadata? I see cover art under options, but it is not clear how I specify a path and file name to the cover art. Do I check “local file” and then it will ask me for a path and name?



You can just place the artwork in the same folder and call it “folder.jpg” and that will work on many music players without the need to embed.

If you want to embed it into the files using Picard, then Drag and Drop your JPG image file into the bottom right hand corner of Picard. (Where the blank CD tray image is) Then hit Save. This should add that image into the files.


Just to add to this. Make sure you have the album already loaded up on the Right Hand Side of Picard. Just like when you are sorting out the tags. Then you will find the drag and drop works.

The higher the quality image you use, the better it will display. It depends what your target screen is. I play a lot of my music back via a TV screen so like 1080p art, but on my phone I could just use 200x200 pixel artwork.

Experiment to find your best option.

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You also have the opportunity to associate JPGs to the Release by adding them through MusicBrainz website.
And to put the metadata into the MusicBrainzdatabase.

That way the images and data will be available for everyone.
And others will be able to know more about the cassettes and benefit from your work.
With your cassettes being rare, it is possible that those images of the cover art that you have created are the last chance for the Cover Art for those albums to make it into MusicBrainz.

The following shows how to do this for Cover Art. The “page” they refer to is the Release’s page on the MusicBrainz website.

Adding metadata is often more demanding - it seems simple - and sometimes is especially if you are just adding details - but starting from scratch with a Release is complex IMO.
If you want to try then go ahead - ask here for any help needed and check under the “Documentation” tab for the "How to"s.


If you have something regional and rare, and you’re taking the time to make scans and so on, it would be amazing if you did take the time to share your work with the world!

So don’t hesitate to ask here for help with any aspects of adding to the database @tcgrove :ok_hand: