Non-existing release

There is no indication that a digital release ever existed. I’m also uncertain that a 2006 CD release even exists. All back covers I can find show 1989 as the release.

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This page shows 1/2006 but I’m pretty convinced they are offering old stock of the 1989 CD. There is a “Download” link but the target Amazon page doesn’t exist.

It is quite possible that a 2006 re-issue would just use the same old artwork. I’ve seen that before and the differences appear in the CD Hub instead.


If you refer to ℗+© 1983 / 1989 seen on this edition’s back cover, this is not the release date.


Why do you think so?

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Edited for brevity… is it possible that the ‘download’ link on that page once went to an Amazon page? It seems likely that this was available digitally at some point, potentially 2006.

I would not add a or change it to a 2006 CD release without evidence beyond Amazon’s dodgy date field.

Can’t hurt to ask the original editor as well

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℗ stands for recording of phonographic copyright and © for copyright (more general, includes the visual design etc.).

The dates for this are before release.

℗+© 1983 / 1989 is a good indicator of a release that has been released in 89 or later (or even very much later, in identical form).

For example if copyright was registered in November of December of 89, then the release date could be 90 (or later). :wink:

For the moment, I know only Japan where they print the scheduled release date (in addition to ℗ and ©) and who indeed release on schedule.

With some rare exceptions like some later non-CCCD re-releases, cancelled release due to major accidents, etc.


Have to be careful with those Japanese releases, they sometimes even write the date when a release will be taken OFF the market. It’s certainly hard for non-native speakers to discern what is what. I guess we go be placement of the date and previous experience.


I think you rather refer to the price date, about one year later than the release date.
The date is printed besides the initial price, and says this price stands until that date.
We can ignore this date for MB.

Superb reference page, there, @chaban!

Yep, I guess I was wrong … that reference page is great and clears up some facts!

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