No answer when searching for album


When I click on the Search button, no window appears to select the good album.
Here are the debug messages:

D: 12:12:26,387 /usr/lib/picard/picard/ui/mainwindow.set_statusbar_message:383: Looking up the metadata for file /media/samuel/harddisk/Musique/En cours/Johnny Hallyday/Johnny Hallyday - Un soir à l'Olympia (CD1)/02 - Fils de personne.flac ...
D: 12:12:26,403 /usr/lib/picard/picard/webservice/ratecontrol.get_delay_to_next_request:118: ('', 443): Last request was 10319 ms ago, starting another one
D: 12:12:26,404 /usr/lib/picard/picard/webservice/ratecontrol.increment_requests:138: ('', 443): Incrementing requests to: 1
D: 12:12:26,409 /usr/lib/picard/picard/webservice/ratecontrol.decrement_requests:146: ('', 443): Decrementing requests to: 0
D: 12:12:26,409 /usr/lib/picard/picard/webservice/__init__._handle_reply:430: Received reply for de personne%29 artist%3A%28johnny hallyday%29 release%3A%28un soir à l%27olympia %5C%28cd1%5C%29%29 tnum%3A%2802%29 tracks%3A%2821%29 qdur%3A%2892%29: HTTP 200 (OK)  (CACHED)
D: 12:12:26,414 /usr/lib/picard/picard/ui/mainwindow.set_statusbar_message:383: No matching tracks above the threshold for file '/media/samuel/harddisk/Musique/En cours/Johnny Hallyday/Johnny Hallyday - Un soir à l'Olympia (CD1)/02 - Fils de personne.flac'
D: 12:12:26,416 /usr/lib/picard/picard/webservice/ratecontrol._out_of_backoff:222: ('', 443): oobackoff; delay: 1000ms -> 1000ms; slow start; window size 19.000 -> 20.000

What’s wrong ?

I don’t think that release is in MusicBrainz yet (I can’t find it in Hallyday’s discography). Does this happen with other releases you are tagging as well?

Picard did the search for the recording based on existing tags. The search gives some results, which Picard then each compares against the existing metadata of the release (also taking into account your settings in Options > Metadata > Preferred Releases).

In this case the similarity between existing metadata and the results is below the matching threshold, which can be configured in Options > Advanced > Matching > “Minimal similarity for file lookups”. The default is 70%. If a found match is below this threshold it is considered too bad to be used.

You can lower the threshold to see if it gives you better matches. Also if the threshold is currently higher than 70% I really recommend to set it to 70% for better results, unless you really only want to find matches that match your existing tags really good.


Thanks for your answer. I created the album in the musicbrainz database. It looks good for flac but not for MP3. I am not using a fixed bitrate so it’s not possible for the tools to calculate the right delay for a song.

This parameter is used to compare the similarity ?
If yes, is-it possible to disable it somewhere ?

I don’t really follow you. What does look good for FLAC and how is the MP3 not?

Not really. Picard will always calculate a similarity between existing metadata and the found metadata. This is how it decides which data to pick. The threshold just indicates what Picard still considers a worthy match. So if you set it to 70% and the comparison gives a similarity between existing and proposed metadata of 70% or higher, then this match is used. If it is 69% or lower then it is discarded. The metadata with the highest similarity score will be used.

You can disable the threshold by setting it to 0. Then Picard will use any result the MusicBrainz search might return, even if it does not fit your existing metadata pretty well.

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