Next alias problem: aliases in collections/anthologies

Now I remember why I hesitated to use the alias function in the work form for title variants.

If you add works to an anthology, there is no possibility to add the author alias that is used in the book.
Well, since the authors of the works of an anthology are not even shown at the edition page at the moment, it’s not too important now. But it will be important later.

Well I have to correct myself. I just thought of an anthology of poems I intended to add soon.
There are many poems of Russian authors…

Of couse we have the same problem for any entity you add via the relation button. You can’t add an alias.

@indy133 I knew what you meant but I didn’t want to comment until I encountered the same problem.

I have just submitted an Edition of the collection Skeleton Crew by Stephen King, which has two stories that were previously published with different titles: Word Processor of the Gods (originally The Word Processor), and The Reaper (originally Do the Dead Sing?)

I created the Works using the original titles (adding aliases), so they are listed in the collection that way.

There needs to be a name variation facility so the Work listed in the Edition matches the actual contents.

Work aliases allows us to have variant names, but not to determine where those variant names are used, which is insufficient.

What I believe would be the ideal solution would be to have a table of contents that allows to express which work appears at what page and under what name.

Another solution would be to have variant names for relationships.
This would allow for fine-tuned descriptions such as “Edition X contains Work Y as Z” where Z is the variant name as it appears in that Edition.
The merits of this approach is that it allows solving similar issues for other entities (for example “Work X was written by Author Y under the pseudonym Z”).

Would it be possible to have an extra field in the Relationship menu where the user could add a variant name as free text, that then displays in the Edition. The Work is the same but simply displays with an overwritten title. You are the technical person, I’ve got no idea what is achievable.

The other solution is to have a tool in the actual Edition. The Work is selected from the Relationship menu and then a tool in the Edition allows users to add a variant title.

Ideally that’s what we want: an extra field in the relationship editor.
The complexity of it is that relationships are implemented in the same way for all entities, so it would either need to work for all relationships or be enabled only for certain relationships.
All in all, I think it is achievable and desirable, considering it is the main way to link entities, it will allow solving a variety of similar naming issues.

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Sounds like a plan to me.

@indy133 just to let you know I have sent you a PM via Discogs titled G’day