Newby wanting to save all songs in one folder. What would the string look like?


I want all my songs to be under one folder . What would my save string look like. Also what disadvantages would I incur.


How many audio files do you have? And, what operating system are you using? Some file systems have a limit on the number of files that can be in a single directory. This limit will be at least in the thousands.


I inherited a terabyte of music. 65,000 folders from memory. unkown files. many duplicates. I want to tag, remove duplicates, save to multiple 128gb sd micros, exfat file system, hopefully add lyrics and find a android app to play and scroll lyrics on my Samsung Galaxy tab s2 whilst listening and album cover displayed. Some music apps won’t play a song from “folders”. Not having folders would not exclude those apps. Am I wrong to exclude folders?


Windows 10 on my laptop is used for getting things sorted. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 to play.


Depends on what info you want in the file name. Maybe something like

%artist% - %album% - %tracknumber% %title%

It is really up to you how you want the file to be named. Just don’t include any / in the file naming string, as this marks a folder.

Downsides are obviously that you end up with lots of files in a single folder, which can be hard to navigate. Depending on the file system you could hit a limit or the performance suffers.

I seriously would just use a player which will also read songs from sub folders. All the players I have used so far on Android had no issue with that.


Thanks. I’'m new to all of this so will try. I see that I can recover the default string if necessary.