Newbie with a silly question

So I took my indivudual tracks of the Billy Joel album “Glass Houses” and recontructed them. I went through and figured out how to make the little green bar show up next to each song (it only did this with 3 of the songs, apparently the other 7 are from other compilation albums, so no green square on those). But it looked like the album would go together the way I wanted, so I clicked “Save”.
Where did it save it to? I can’t find the album anywhere on my computer.
Any insight in an ELI5 format would be greatly appreciate.

Thank you in advance,

If you know your album should be together, then drag the files out of those compilations and drop them back to the correct slots in the album on the right hand side of Picard. Picard can recognise tracks, but it won’t always know for sure if they are on a compilation or an album. So it gives a first best guess that you the human can correct. The sensitivity of the matches can be tweaked in the OPTIONS\Metadata\Preferred Releases\

As to “where did the files go?” - I guess you have the Rename Files and Move Files options enabled. So they will have moved under a folder based on album name - **\Billy Joel\Glass Houses**. But that also means those compilations may have gone in to a b folder by mistake and will need rescuing to gather back as the original album again.