Newbie question about tracks that are wrongly tagged

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hi i just created this account to ask a few questions regarding musicbrainz picard after trying to google and looking through the community posts here.

firstly, when i load my song library into picard and try to cluster, it clusters most files save a few random files. What does cluster do and why does it not work for all files?

Also a more important question is after trying it out, scanning and looking up my music library, i decided to automatically save all the files as they all looked ok. However a few of the songs do not match for example, ‘attention’ by charlie puth is wrongly matched to an artiste named rouge rouge? or the fact that ‘night train’ by guns and roses is wrongly attributed to some other artiste.
I have tried to manually change it however Picard does not automatically go along with the changes. Also putting my organised music files back into picard only gets me the same results as it just goes to the right window. Anyone know how to resolve this??? Really appreciate the help thanks


Clustering just uses the artist and album tags that already exist on your music files to group them into albums. The ones that didn’t get clustered probably didn’t have album tags.

Did you use “scan” or “look up”? Scan tries to use acoustic fingerprinting to find the matching songs in the database. Look up uses the existing metadata tags to find the matching albums in the database. Sometimes the database has incorrect matches of fingerprints to recordings, so that could be why they’re wrong now.
To correct them, load the files into Picard, they will go to the right pane, because Picard thinks they’re already matched.
Now go to the website and find the correct release. Drag the address of that release into the right window in Picard.
Now drag the wrongly matched album to the correct album and save it.


Wow thanks for the help!!! had some trouble navigating to the picard music library but i realised that i can just right click and search for similar albums which immediately send it to the correct artiste and song if picard has the correct entry on it too!

ive also been looking through the forums about songs being placed in compilation albums instead of their actual albums and was wondering if i could basically resort all my organised songs which would help solve 2 problems at the same time. Is there any other way besides doing it one by one for each song?

Really appreciate the help man