Newbie problem: have an issue with entering release country can somebody help please?


Good morning guys and gals :slight_smile: Thank you all so much for helping me yesterday setting up my artist page and a huge thank you to the secret fairies that came by last night to made improvements to my page :sweat_smile:

I experience a problem when trying to add the release country to A Song For Peace

I tried several times past 24 hrs, as you can see here:
but it does not seem to take the country… while in all other songs that I entered yesterday, the country of release does show up…

Can somebody tell me, what to do to make the country show up in A Song For Peace? Thanks!


It looks like you did this, as edit #41317776. I voted in favour. Some votes and some time is sometimes required for a change to show up.


Thank you so much @Jim_DeLaHunt for explaining to me, and for voting for me :slight_smile:

Could you help me please with completing my label page? Every time I try to enter my LC something pops up telling me “use this format:” but not telling me what format! ???

Here is the link to the edit page

and my LC is: NLK2B


Whatever NLK2B is for a code, it’s not a label code. Those consist of the prefix LC- only followed by digits (e.g. LC-1234).


Thank you so much for telling me @chirlu ! Gosh, I have mixed up :blush: my producer code with my label code, I thought it was the same, thank you for telling me that the label code only has digits in it, I will phone my national organization right away and ask them what my label code is, thank you so much for your help! :smile:

UPDATE: just entered the 5-digits label code and it worked :sunny:


@Samsom_Productions, for your future reference, we have documentation on the Label Code. It starts, “The Label Code (LC) was introduced in 1977 by the IFPI (International Federation of Phonogram and Videogram Industries)…”.

As you discovered, you were entering a different value in the Label Code field.

I’m glad you got it working!


Thank you @Jim_DeLaHunt :slight_smile: I also was very glad that I got the label code working! Thank you also for giving the link to the Label Code documentation. In fact I studied that documentation this morning already and was afraid that my country would not be in the list of limited countries that provide working label codes, but then I called SENA Netherlands (that is the organization that provides labels in my country) and they looked up my Label Name and then provided me the 5 digits code that belongs to my label and then when entering that code it worked and the code now shows up at my Label page, at the right side of the page :wink: