Newbie Guidance

Hello everyone!

I am new to this program and am trying really hard to learn the ropes.

My music is fairly organized, but now I am trying to really polish it up. I am having a hell of a time though understanding the tagging system in regards to genre and mood.

For some reason, Picard does not add any genre information to my tags, and the whole mood thing really has me confused. I installed the Lastfmplus plugin, but still no moods are being added:(

I have tried googling and researching, but I think I am just hitting walls. Could you guys be of any help? I really would appreciate it.

Welcome! You’re on the right track, but unfortunately the Plus plugin stopped working with the redesign of Fortunately, there’s a new plugin to replace it! Depending on your tech-savviness, you might find it less intuitive than Plus. You may find this post and the last page of that topic helpful. Give it a try and feel free to ask if you have any problems.


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