New song text to same melody

I have created a work for the Danish song “Ølhunden” ( It is a new text (not a translation) to the song “Carmela” composed by Ernesto de Curtis ( ). How do I enter that? Now the two songs are both in the list of works by de Curtis ( as separate works, even though it is the same composition.


It’s fine for them to both be in the list. You can create a relationship between them like “version of” to indicate that they are connected.


Thanks @psychoadept, I did that.


Lyrics on one hand and music on the other, are the two components of a work.
Changing either one makes a new work that is a version of the original work.

@jesus2099, I agree that writing a new text makes a new work. But you could argue that the text and music are different works. The composer only made one work no matter how many different texts other people write to that music.

Likewise, a poet only made one work, even if a poem is sung with many different melodies.


I really like the way handles it. They have a page for each music and each text and link up different music that each text appears with and vice versa. But that would be a massive overhaul for MusicBrainz,

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We do have this.

If it was originally an instrumental, you have the original work without lyrics.

Then the work with lyrics.

If it was originally a poem, you have the text work.

Then, the songs.

But when it was directly released as a song, we don’t need to split them like this.

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