New relationship: named after


I found a BBC editor making the same mistake that made me add STYLE-1036 in the first place (using the “tribute to” relationship to indicate an artist was named in honor of another) and decided to add this relationship.

I’ve added it for artists named after other artists, works and release groups so far. I’m not against expanding it to other entities, these just seemed like the three most obvious choices of musical name inspiration.

Opening a thread mostly so that people who don’t follow Jira tickets know about the new rel :slight_smile: But also for any comments and problems that y’all might have.


How about “named after [area/place]”? A fair number of traditional groups use a name related to where the music they play is from. Maybe also institutional groups (e.g., church or school/university orchestras/choirs) could make use of this.

How does this relate to the “eponymous” ‘member of’ relationship attribute? Should you add both the eponymous attribute and also “named after”?


I like it.

Is it intentional that the Artist-RG relationship “inspired the name of” only exists in one direction? I’d imagine there are more release groups that had their names inspired by artists than the other way around.

I’d also like a RG-RG “inspired the name of” relationship.
And off topic: How about a RG_RG “tribute to” relationship?

And “named after [instrument]”? E.g., tons of people like to add “guitar” to their name…

There are also a lot of single-instrument orchestras (accordion, violin, …) that have their chosen instrument as an instrumental (sorry :see_no_evil:) part of their name.

Or maybe this is taking it too far?


I think the idea here is rather more “homage”-ish. I would expect “Alban Berg Quartet” to use this if it’s named after the composer Alban Berg, which they all like and admire, but not if it’s named after Alban Berg, the dude who plays violin in it. Similarly, I felt that while I guess you could say “Choir of the University of X” is to some degree named after the University of X, that fits the existing “associated with” relationship more - it’s not named in homage to the University of X, it just belongs to it.

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Yes indeed, here is another variation. Richard Alden, *His Piano and Orchestra.

You don’t talk about traditional groups though, as I also mentioned. E.g., Himmerland is a group named after an area in Denmark, but AFAIK none of the group’s members are from or lives in that area.

I’d be open to allowing things like this, we just need to decide what to apply it to. I think it might make sense to add “named after: Paris” if a group specifically say “we named the band after Paris because of X and Y” but maybe not add “named after: Paris” to every artist named Paris. A question is if this should be more restricted to music-related names because otherwise it feels a bit like we should allow it for everything (what if it’s named after a painting? or dunno, their favourite donut shop?).

Oddly, this relationship appears in the “Appearances” area of the artist instead of in the relationships area.
For example:

On the page for the work, it appears in the relationships area as I would expect

Edit: I tried to connect Madness’ song “The Prince” with Prince Buster, but we don’t have a Work-Artist relationship for “is a tribute to”.

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David Bowie → is named after → a knife :smile:

(and the knife is named after a historical person.)


It’s not odd, in that it’s just coded so all work rels appear there. It’s not ideal though. Even less ideal is MBS-10089 (it appearing under the artist’s works). I’m hoping to look into that when I get some free coding time.

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I now added the same relationship for places named after artists (a very common situation for, for example, music schools in the old Eastern Bloc).