New Picard Icons/UI and Retina Support

EDIT- You can find the new build with new icons @ Pypi
If you have pip you can install it via

pip install picard_dev

Hello people o/

With my new GSoC project I am progressing quickly. I have already ported the core code to Qt5 and Py3.

Port to Qt5 meant that Picard could now support high resolution displays.
The support has recently been added and with merge of PR #727 and PR #726

we will finally support high-res displays.

What this means-

If you are on Mac OS, picard will now look fabulous and give a more native feel.

You are free to comment about the icon choices. There are screenshots and files attached with PR #727

and you can view the icon diffs @
Most of them were made by me and I am open to suggestions :slight_smile:

Preview of new picard on OSX


I like these icons. They look modern enough without sacrificing legibility (lack of contrast is an annoying feature of modern UIs).

Is there some place where we can download Picard 2.0 builds?

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Well, you can find 2.0 builds on pip as picard_dev.

You will need Py3.5+ and pip though.

Not a fan of the Remove icon. To me, that symbolizes Stop/Cancel, not remove.

Doesn’t Qt provide any “native” icons, to allow applications to integrate better? Actions such as Save and Remove seem like ideal candidates for that.

The browser lookup icon feels a bit flat, but is otherwise fine. However, if there is a cross-platform way to get the icon associated with the system’s default browser, that would be even better.

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I think the info icon seems too “complex” or “distracting” if you compare it to the rest of the icons. I guess it’s because of the curly thingy going through it. For some reason I find the old icon more fitting.

I also agree with Zastai’s opinion about the Remove icon.

And really nice work on the cluster icon, it’s much better than the old one :smiley:

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The info icon should be something like a lowercase (italicized?) i in a circle.