New (old) Kruder & Dorfmeister artist credit and release label

A new (old) Kruder & Dorfmeister album was just released:

I’ve made a few edits to add download / streaming links, barcode and fix some minor style issues. However I have a couple of proposed edits where I’d like to see what the consensus is before submitting:

  1. Should the artist title be credited as “K+D” as per the artwork (it’s credited to “Kruder & Dorfmeister” on all the download / streaming sites).
  2. The label is listed as recordJet on Beatport (with a cat #), Deezer and Spotify. However the disambiguation on MB states it is a distributor and not a release label. The physical release label and the ℗ & © for the digital release is G-Stone Recordings. I’ve an open edit to remove a label (Merge Records) that seems to have been added in error, but I’m not sure what to replace it with? It seems to me that G-Stone Recordings is the release label, but it doesn’t appear to be listed anywhere explicitly except for Discogs.

Any thoughts appreciated…

Credit should be “Kruder & Dorfmeister”, in my opinion. “K+D” is just a stylistic rendering and not a bona fide artist credit.