New MusicBrainz user scripts

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Here is a new topic made solely for user script (grease monkey, user js) authors to inform all of us when a new script is created.

There are many scripts and it is difficult to know all of them or to know when something new comes up.

MusicBrainz users

You can install and use some great user scripts, that add features to MusicBrainz website, by following some simple steps.

Generally user scripts allow faster editing or seeing more information, or even importing data from other websites. The possibilities are infinite.

In addition to MB wiki External Resources, I hope this topic will be useful.

If you want to be kept informed of new scripts, please (subscribe to) watch this topic! :slight_smile:

User script authors

Please use this topic only for that purpose (for instance: no discussions, no updates).

Script author can write 1 post for 1 new script.
You can edit your posts at any time to include link to specific support topic, FAQ, download, issues, updates, better description, etc., no problem.

Please try to keep each post limited to

Name of the new script

Screen shot thumbnail(s) (click to enlarge, can be animated, can be before/after)

Useful links (both discourse internal and/or external)

I hope you will enjoy this topic. I think it’s more natural and intuitive to subscribe to this topic than to the userscripts tag itself (less visible and natural IMO).

I’m really eager to see cool stuff here!

@Bitmap @loujin @murdos please don’t hesitate to promote any already existing user scripts, as long as there is only one post per script! :slight_smile:

Also feel free to participate to the funny screenshot contest. :wink:

Centralised MusicBrainz Userscripts Repository
Big script called “mb. SUPER MIND CONTROL Ⅱ X TURBO”


@jesus2099 thanks for creating this topic!
Let me show a script I published recently and that probably nobody knows about :stuck_out_tongue:

Show acoustids on a Work page

Description: Add two new columns with acoustID/acousticBrainz links of the recordings.
AcoustID shared by different recordings related to the work in question will be shown in a specific color. This makes it easy to find recordings that should be merged (same performer/recording artist, same acoustID).
Combining it with the “make columns sortable” script makes it even easier to detect the duplicate recordings


The documentation for my scripts is on bitbucket.
Please report bugs and suggestion to bitbucket or ping me on #musicbrainz on IRC


Another script where I hope to have some feedback, so it has its own topic




A post was split to a new topic: Request for userscript that sorts collections by “added” date


Another old script that I thought of creating a topic for posting an animated GIF that may help understand how it works (the GIF can be replaced by a better one, later):


Merges selected or all recordings from release A to release B