New Meeting Time

Hey everyone,

Our current Saturday meeting time hasn’t been working great, with low turnout due to people forgetting and/or doing other things with their Saturday afternoons. So I’ve created a Doodle poll to select a new time for our meeting, which you can fill out at this link:

If you’re interested in participating in our meetings - giving ideas and feedback or helping design stuff, we’d like to hear what time you’re available. Although we have to do our best to choose a meeting time that fits the core members of the community, if there’s a choice, we’ll try to take into account votes from other people as well.

Once we’ve chosen a time, I’ll create a BookBrainz Google Calendar and add the weekly meeting as a recurring event, then post a sharing link here.

Why not use the MetaBrainz community (Google) calendar? BookBrainz’ Saturday meeting is already listed there.